DAY 10 - Reflection & Presentations

Students will present final projects, demonstrating their grasp of codesign & project management tools/skills that can be used beyond the class.


Obj 1: Students will attain an introductory understanding of design & co-design frameworks

Obj 2: Students will understand and have tools to navigate the role institutions, power, influence, and ex/inclusion play in codesign processes.

Obj 3: Students will learn, practice, and hone basic codesign skills and project management skills to facilitate collaborative work in diverse teams

Opening Activity

Guiding Question: What did we learn? What did we do?

Student Group Presentations: (1.75 HOURS)

  1. Student groups will take turns presenting their codesign journey via slide show presentation. (15 minutes each)
    • Presentation should include group’s Problem Statement, HMW Question, Asset Maps + Community Profile, User Personas, Ideation Workshop Results, working prototype, ongoing insights, and vision for short/long term future and take turns sharing their in-progress prototype, while summarizing their project journeys and additional insights on potential.

Purpose: Students will have the opportunity to showcase/pitch their codesign journey to the class, an integral skill for codesign.

Key Questions & Topics

Preparing and Sharing presentations and reports to different audiences

Implementation and Sustainability of Projects

Additional Resources
Checking out Institute’s Website, Emerson Civic engagement and Co-design opportunities

Core Activity (Reflection & Evaluation)

Guiding Questions: What opportunities for codesign are there around me?

Instructor Closing Statements

  1. Closing statement appreciation for student work and highlight for the potential opportunities available to work on co-design projects within their institution or across virtual/geographical spaces
    • PCGN, term work, codesign related course work or internships/summer fellowships etc.)

Purpose: Students will gain insight on upcoming and ongoing codesign opportunities around them where they can continue honing codesign and project management skills/tools.

Closing Activity

Guiding Question: Now what?

Party Time: (15-30 MIN)

  1. Students will have an opportunity to hang out (either virtually or in person if possible.)
    • Music, snacks, Gamenight?

Post Session Work

  • Group Work: Students will submit their Final Presentation to the Instructor. Individual Work: Students will complete Codesign Institute Survey which asks students about their experience (usefulness of specific workshops, how accessible etc.)