DAY 9 - Looking Outward, Thinking LongTerm

Students work on finalizing group presentations and reflecting on what it means to “finish” a project well.


Obj 2: Students will discuss implementation, sustainability, and other long-term challenges in regards to codesign processes

Obj 3: Students will learn, practice, and hone basic codesign skills

Opening Activity

Guiding Question:  What is next in the codesign process?

Check In/Group Discussion:

  1. Class will share their experience with the nonlinear pathway of prototyping and user testing during their codesign projects.
  2. Each group will provide an update of the work and discuss what their projects could look like if they had more time to ideate and prototype.

Purpose: Students develop understanding of co-design processes in conversation with existing power structures utilizing their burgeoning codesign experience, case studies, and readings.

Key Questions & Topic

Prototypes to Products
Preparing for Project Presentations

Obligations of designer and stakeholders

How do you finish well?
(with stakeholders, finish iteration, close things out appropriately)

Core Activity

Guiding Question: How do we share our design journey?

Preparing presentations: (45 MIN)

  1. Students will begin creating short concise slide show presentation sharing their design journey to be presented the following day.
  2. Presentation should include their:
    • Problem Statement, HMW Question
    • Stakeholders/Co-Designer Community Profiles + Asset Maps
    • User Personas + User Journeys
    • Ideation Workshop + Insights
    • 1st Prototypes + UserTesting Feedback
    • Second iteration of Prototypes
    • Theoretical vision for the Future of the Project (short term vs. long term next steps)

Recommend for accessible/easy-to-use presentation templates.

Purpose: Students will practice documenting and presenting their ongoing codesign work across various audiences.

Closing Activity (Reflection & Evaluation)

Guiding Question: How do we finish well?

Class Check In/ Discussion: (25 MIN)

  1. Students will check in with class to share their progress on project presentations and troubleshoot any challenges if necessary.
  2. Instructor will answer any remaining questions or advice they have regarding presentation or overall codesign project methods.
  3. Instructor reminds students that stakeholders are at the center of the codesign process, and asks how we finish well with them as we approach the end of our codesign process?
    • Students will complete rainstorm activity found in Day 9 Miro Activity to prepare students for their more in depth written response (Miro Link here).

Purpose: Students will discuss the implications of ending a codesign ie. obligations to stakeholders, producing deliverables, and considering sustainability and implementation of projects.

Post Session Work

  • Group Work: Students will finish project presentation asynchronously and submit it. Students should be ready to present the following day.
  • Reshare example of presentation: Summer Fellows or Graduate students previous work.
  • Individual Work: Students will write a 200 minimum reflection in which they create a plan to finish well with their stakeholders. Ie. How do you continue the relationship after the project is over? Or after you as the codesigner transition out?